"Puerility": The state or quality of being a child

     Often "Puerility" and "Puerile" have negative connotations, much like singleness. But I saw this word in a positive light, a journey that all of us are on--growing into beautiful maturity, but with the eyes of a child who believes that good things still happen, and it's okay to be silly, to cry, to laugh, and to have a good sense of humor along the way.

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The Author

I'm a single girl who likes to whoop and holler, practice kindness, live adventurously, sing stories, and pray. Over the years, I've adore being a youth pastor to some of the most amazing teenagers on the planet. And my work in TV/Film Production continues to inspire good stories and surprisingly rich friendships. Oh, And I also like to dance in the streets. Real talk.

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Hello beautiful friend!

     This website was birthed from an earlier blog that I contributed to for almost a decade, titled "Puerility Vol. 1". It was my online journal and diary of sorts. I'm now continuing my style of story telling as I see things, but now without the moniker of "Puerility" (Of which I still love by the way)-- and I'm simply giving you me, Patrice. But for those that were with me from the beginning. Thank You. I hope you're ready to continue the journey!

     I've weathered the terrain of my teens and twenties and hope to share with you my successes as well as my lessons of humility. I'm now 37, a TV Freelancer and Jesus lover who hasn't dated in over 15 years---BUT through God's grace, I've led an incredibly adventurous, destiny-fulfilling, romantic, and blessed life. What wait? Did she just say romantic? But hasn't dated in 15 years??

     I know, I know--it sounds so bizarre. But I've led quite the romantic and adventurous life while being single--Of which much of my blog posts are about. Navigating the terrain of faith, romance, singleness, creativity, and life.

     Throughout these years, I've been able to enjoy great guy friendships, in which I've been incredibly honored and loved (platonically). Yet, greater than that--I've had the romance of God in my life.  His pursuit of us constantly amazes me. So yes, I LOVE romance, and just because you're single doesn't mean you can't experience it in your own life. 

     Meanwhile, the journey has been interesting...okay, let's be real, it's been ugly-cry bad at times, but God's kindness has covered me, and I have not yet grown bitter or ready-to-fully-quit-weary in the waiting of my own romance story, but have been filled with hope to believe for it. But I must warn you, I often get more excited about the love journey of others than I do my own! And with that said I'm believing for your beautiful love story as well.

     So here I am. Standing in a place of vulnerability for both you and I. I want us to make it to the very end--to finish well, and to know love like we've never known it before. #keeponbelievingevenifitbreaksyourheart

     My heart is to continually encourage others and believe for the impossible.

     I invite you to journey with me, as I prepare for romance and more of life's adventures (big and small), face challenges and defeats, choose purposefully to love God and expect an array of triumphs, while enjoying every moment of this blessed and crazy life.

You’re never alone.
— God



     P.S. I also LOVE praying for people; and if one of my stories connects with you in a meaningful way or speaks to your journey, feel free to let me know! I'd love to include you in my prayers!


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