Travel-International-Vancouver-If You Can.

Oh yes, it was a month ago, but the impact still remains. But these were highlights from my adventures in Vancouver, Canadia:

The loving married couple Judy and I stayed with.

Driving 22.5 hours straight from Southern Cali to VanCity.

The Sunday night youth group @ World Harvest Church.

Turning the t.v. on and finding incredibly interesting programming.

Turning the t.v. on and seein my friend in the new J. Timberlake music video ("My Love")

Mtv Canada

Organic food everywhere

Jonny Lang // Reeve Carney and the Revolving Band Concert

Vancouver Film Festival (the Shorts Program)

Surprising Paris

Watching 5 year olds learning to ice skate

Granville Island

Stopping in Redding, Cali on the way up

Stanley Park

Granville Island

Hot Tea

Fresh Air