A Letter to My Boyfriend.

Last night my good friend Paris said that I am ready for love. I just thought you should know.

And if you have any fears in approaching me, please don't... I'm tender. Really.

I think I dreamt of you in 1999 or maybe it was 98 around Christmas. It was one of the most beautiful dreams I have ever had. When I see you, I'll tell you about it. Probably before we get married or something.

I'm happy that you're looking for me. I've been wanting you to look for me for years now. Are you still in NYC or are you finally here in Cali? Are you stuck on a train...or on a bus somewhere writing songs about me?

Nonetheless, Paris said I'm ready. And for some reason, I believe her.

Merry Christmas!

...Oh, by the way, I love you.