On a Train.

The 'Open Doors' have begun to do just that--open. And as I become more honest, the more doors seem to open. And when I speak about honesty, I also mean a deeper level of transparency and trust in sharing my heart with the One who created it. And just in the last week, there has been some crazy turn arounds.

It truly is like stepping on a train, and not knowing exactly where you are going, but believing, sensing, and trusting that you are going somewhere magical and you are getting there fast...at almost lightening speed.

There's about to be an awakening. In awakening in the people around us as well. Where vision and revelation has been dulled or non-existent in terms of dreams and hopes and desires, those things are about to be realized.

I feel a new good shaking on the horizon. Perhaps in the next few days.

Oh, and in terms of your dreams....I will believe with you.