Where Did All The Nice People Go?

I want to move there.

Just kidding. But really, I had the amazing opportunity to meet someone that I had met briefly, almost 2 years ago. And the second intro was just as harsh as the first.

She was stand-offish and weird. And I'm like, Why?

What's wrong with you?? Why can't you be nice.

And then I stopped myself.

Let me just be nice.

I smiled and wished her Adieu. Did I spell that right?

Joy is a beautiful thing, especially when you can walk in it and live like it.

Thus, again--our choices matter. Yes, even when we are urged in every part of our being to be nasty. Choose to be nice. It's the high road. Trust me. It's taking you places you never had imagined.

And for those that think "niceness" = "weakness" or some mess like that. All I have to say is...that is a lie. I have found, that is the "nice" people that have gone through hell and back and have been humbled to make it through. Thus, they appreciate life, people, circumstances in a whole new way...the way that life is meant to be...Lived in Love.

Plus, being mean just gives you stress....=ulcers, tumors, cancers, etc. Our bodies aren't meant to live that way.

So, when I see you, don't be weird if I give you a hug...I'm just being nice.