I like to start with titles. It's my thing.

I typed "Connection" before I really thought about why. Nonetheless, let's follow this, see where it goes.

It's late. Or early. I should be asleep, but I needed to express myself. I needed to share.

It's that lovely time and season of which hormones can throw you off a bit. So as I feel a little frustration, I also feel good.

I feel as if my heart has been prepared and protected. I so badly want something new to present itself, but at the same time my transition 'is' that something new, but just not what I am picturing right now. I know-a bit vague.

But the pieces are coming together somehow, the puzzle is way bigger than I first perceived. People, places, faces. All with purpose. Not just random. It's much like prose and a lot like poetry. And many times, they too, have titles.