Okay, before I lose the nerve to say this...

I loved this movie.

Either you love it or hate it. Yeah, because in the movie theatre that I saw it in, people basically booed at the end and said something to the effect of wanting their money back. Classic.

I won't give any spoilers away, so you can keep reading this.

What stood out to me the most was the theme. Yes, there is a purposed theme running throughout that movie like cinema clock work. And that theme spoke to me. It truly resonated with me in a strong way. But for the masses, everyone sort of by passed that level of the film and hungered for more guts, more explanation, more...something.

But to me, at the end of the movie the statement had been made. To Drew Goodard (the writer of the film): I think I got it.

So if you're not too prone to motion sickness, and you like kick butt sound design, some old fashioned editing tricks, and are prepared to suspend your disbelief in a new way, then you should definitely see this film.

I was definitely present every minute of this film. It engaged my senses in a new way, definitely had to pay attention and get into the world of this movie.

Oh, and don't forget to look beyond the surface of the action of the story, it's below that aspect that you'll tap into something that I think will resonate with your heart, maybe even causing you to reflect a little bit and learn something new.

But then again, you might be the one who throws popcorn at the screen when it's over.