I'm in the process of some pre-production for my next documentary. It feels really good to start something new, something fresh. I'm realizing that I love my process of creating. It's very simple. It involves me, the internet, loads of magazines, a glue stick, and a composition notebook.

In this process I'm learning to create again. I'm seeing what things catch my interest these days.

This next documentary I'm working on will be about love--more specifically romantic love. As most of you know that's something that I'm passionate about.

Right now, I'm trying to find the hook. Moreover, I'm trying to envision the cast. Because I feel that is where the story lies. I'm very close to it; I'm close to seeing the full vision for this story.

As well as planning this feature documentary, I hope to create some music video treatments. I miss writing and directing in that medium.

Not related to anything I've stated thus far, but I love British accents. So much so, I remember years ago, telling a best friend of mine that I wanted to marry someone with that particular accent, or at someone who could fake it pretty well. And now you've been exposed to the random ramblings of my mind.

Today is Friday, it feels very calm. Very. Maybe because the hustle of the holidays are over. Nonetheless, it's helping me to focus and feel unrestricted.

I just had this thought--or question...Is there something you're wanting to start? Are you waiting for all the perfect conditions? I hope not. Now is the time, and rarely are there perfect conditions, in fact, it's usually in the worst conditions that you become inspired with the greatest and most grand ideas. I hope today we both take a step closer to something we dream of. Sometimes it's as simple as just doing it.