It seems as if I'm relishing the notion of getting back to basics. Yeah, yeah--maybe because it's the new year. Nonetheless, I'm reconnecting with those things that bring me peace and joy.

Yesterday, was such a beautiful day. It rained and rained. Not in that sort of depressing "rain rain go away" sort of way. But it rained in the "rain rain come and stay and wash away causing rainbows and new days" type of rain.

I spent the evening with a sweet friend. We watched Sense and Sensibility. I gathered revelation after revelation watching that movie for the umpteenth time. But what I loved the most was the time I spent with this friend. I wasn't caught up in trying to entertain or impress, we simply spent time together enjoying Emma's beautiful portrayal of sensibility and the many layers of such a disposition.

In the midst of watching this film, I was very present. Meaning, I was able to soak up the entire experience without any anxiety or rush. I felt no need to check my cell phone ever or to cap my time in fear that we would have nothing left to do or talk about. Instead, there was an easy flow. The kind that only comes when you are free and allow liberty to dictate your attitude and emotions.

We capped the night by watching amazing clips on You Tube. The IT Crowd. David, if you're reading this, you have to catch this show. Of course, it's a brainchild of the British. I'm told there were two seasons on BBC and that was it. Now, the U.S. will make its own version of this hilarious comedy. I'm not quite sure how the American version will go over. But The Office has made a huge name for itself here after being the remake of the original BBC version. For some reason, I'm sort of married to the BBC version, never allowing myself to fully be taken over by the American version.

I have digressed. Typical.

A lot had changed by the end of the day. Something had changed within me. And at night, as I drove an hour back to my home, it began to snow in certain parts of my journey. Smiling ear to ear and not afraid of crashing in the snow, I was truly thankful for the simple things.