Even with a Monkey Wrench...

Today is the day that is bridging yesterday to your future. I feel as if some of us may feel like there's been a small monkey wrench thrown into the mix today--messing up or delaying situations.

But I'm here to declare, that no monkey wrench will stop the blessing that's headed your way, like a big tsunami. Honestly, what can stop a tsunami once its in motion, Not even something as sturdy as a car or boat, and definitely not some stinkin monkey wrench.

The monkey wrench of today is about to be swept away in the wave of blessing. Don't hold firm to discouragement, fear, or disappointment. Let those things slip from your grasp.

Our dreams are in the process of coming true...even now. They are on their way to you. And there will be a beautiful collision of destiny and joy as we realize that the monkey wrench has no absolute power.

I'm rooting for you. And so are all of those that desire to see you smile and succeed. Because you will.