We Laugh To Learn

I find that in humor, we can talk more openly about the truth. Sometimes funny people get a bad rap--like we don't get the bigger picture or that nothing means anything to us. (You like how I deemed myself as funny. Haha)

But truly that is not the case. I believe that humor and laughter are gifts straight from the heavenlies. They seem to unlock mystery or give a unique language to our deepest feelings and emotional journeys.

I've been learning a lot this week. Thus, I've been laughing a lot this week. People are beginning to surprise me in the best way. Me, being used to a bit of disappointment and cyclical let downs finds it refreshing when people say the cleverest things that cause your heart to leap and your spirit to say, "Yes". Finally.

And Stacey and Eboni, if you're reading this....You are phenomenal.

I'm feeling more free these days and with that sort of freedom comes introspection about the responsibility such freedom brings. Selah.

"I don't know if I want you to understand me....or Go"--Kenna.

I do want you to understand me. Make me laugh. Let my walls come down and the truth will come in-- exposing who we really are.