How Does One Become a Sultan?

I have become enlightened today. I've been watching "Forbes Top 20 Young Royals" on E! Network. Looking at the lives of this unique breed under the age of 30.

And how does one become BFFs with Prince Carl of Sweden. I could be in love.

From Dubai to Sweden to other places I've never even heard of. But you best believe that they are doing it big...

Spending $40,000 on a birthday dress....oh yes she did.

Having a birthday party bash and giving all your attendees s.w.a.g. ("stuff we all get" aka free gifts) that consisted of a trip to Kenya and a Dental Make Over. What!

Getting an island worth $9,000,000 for your birthday. That's right suckaz.

And it goes on and on...

Yeah, I think I want to be a princess. Word up.