Impossible Things Are Happening Everyday

I think I've just entered one of those seasons where faith and peace are thrust upon you. And for some reason it becomes easy to believe for the impossible and crazy things to happen.

I felt a similar wave of this buttery goodness back in 2001. And for those that know me, know what I'm talking about. My crazy Adrien Brody experience.

Nonetheless, no, Adrien and I aren't homies. BUT there was a divine encounter to say the least.

But that story is for another time.

I believe that God does honor our patience, our obedience, and our character. Not only in ways to preserve love in and around us but to display His extravagance, specifically in context to our relationship with Him.

And I do believe He is cheering me on this particular season of my life. I feel like He's about to unload something. And usher me into something...all at the same time. No need to brace myself. I feel safe and at peace. And on top of that I feel joy.

Oh long lost joy, where hast thou been...oh how I've missed you.

Mind you, Nothing looks the way that I thought it would look at this stage of my life. And to my surprise, I'm quite okay with that.

I have this funny feeling that August will blow my mind away, and this year will end with a bang.

You know why....because....