So tonight...Independence Night. I got jacked. The money amount is a bit irrelevant at this point. Okay, not completely irrevlant--I was meaning to live off of that amount for the next week and a half or so. But the feeling of being violated is a bit repulsive. And no, there was no gun put to my head...nothing like that at all. Just a bit of carelessness on my part. But I was in a familar and comfortable home setting...

Mind you, in the midst of all this though, I feel a ridiculous amount of peace. And I know that the Creator of Justice will take care of the situation in the days to come.

On top of feeling a bit taken advantage of, I'm feeling sick. I know. It's so stupid. Who wants to be sick in the summer? Better yet...who gets a sore throat in hot humid weather on July 4th?

I do.

So with that, I'm not feeling tip top by any means. I already feel a bit off kilter and irritated at best. Again, I feel jacked.

What's with this sense of being taken advantage of? Why are things being stolen? This cannot be the season that I waited for. I won't accept it.

Whatever good/great thing that is hiding around the corner, I give you permission to come and bum rush me right this second.

And with the idea of being taken advantage of...I also feel a bit lied to. I simply want the truth. Be brave enough to say it and live in it. Really though, say what you mean and mean what you say. Because I'm afraid if we don't, we're stealing something from one another--giving each other a rip off sort of relationship.

So tonight, what have I learned?

People sometimes lie, cheat, and steal. But Why? Well, That's the quick way to achieving what they think won't really ever come their way--and a faulty way of self preservation. But what we don't really realize is that you've already lost something at the same time you believe you are gaining something.

Whoever stole my money tonight has other things to deal with besides a possible klepto problem or some bills to pay. Unfortunately, they probably don't care to explore those other emotional issues at the moment, so instead--they'll buy a nice late nite dinner....on me.