Friday Night

I'm just now getting home.

It's almost midnight.

I spent 8 hours at the Clinic with my mom.

What an interesting place. "The Clinic".

You should visit your local one sometime.

Especially all you artists with no health insurance. Don't act like I'm the only one.

But, in the midst of this insanely long day, I found out about a no cost health program (extending beyond "The Clinic"). Ask me about it, it's Fascinating.

And I learned more about my body. I have a wack Urinary Tract Infection. Stoopid.

And I have horrible gas. I know, this you already knew about me. But I'll spare you the gruesome details that go along with it. Let's just say, I have to do an immediate colon cleanse.

Oh, and let's not forget my Clinic boyfriend "Bull"....What a character. But he came in to get his foot x-rayed after he had broken something or rather. He was talkin to his Clinic gang friends and mentioned how he was at a church service and the pastor called out a "healing word" for him. The pastor said that his foot would be healed. Well, you could tell that "Bull" was skeptical of the whole thing...he even mentioned the continued pain he had in his foot while telling the story at the Clinic. But to his surprise, when he got the x-ray back there were no broken bones! Loves it.

And that was my Friday night.

P.S. My mom is a ride or die chick! Love you boo!