Gettin Back

There's an upswing happening in our midst. It shall be excellent. He is that good.

And how do we perceive ourselves? Are we really who we believe we are? Meaning, is that how people see us?...Is our self perception skewed. Do we constantly say we are about love, compassion, and mercy but have an attitude as hot as a volcano.

Is there a disconnect in what we are choosing to believe about ourselves and what is truly ourselves. I'm going to be bold and say yes.

And praise God we don't always get what we feel we deserve. Especially in the timeframe that we think we deserve that....this and the other.

Because as Zig Ziglar has stated (and one of my all time favorite quotes): "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

The heart. Who we are. The essence of us. Even more important than the goal. The destination. The dream. Because somewhere intertwined within the dream is us.

Am I still me without the achievement of "great" things?

Why yes. Yes indeed.

It's interesting to me that Jesus does not need our service or our gifts. Those are not the things that He died for. He simply died for us. The rest is beautiful icing.

So as the good and the great begin to greet us, let us never forget that we are not the things that we gather or those things we are able to do or achieve. We are much more profound and much more beautiful than that. We were loved and have the opportunity to be partakers of love in some way, each and every day.

We 'were' and are loved.

Yes, that is something I am trying to understand and grasp everyday.