Something About Her

And today a new journey arises. Well in fact, continues. The blues of the sky appear frightfully gray--but not over her like some classic cartoon scene, instead it's out in the distance. It's looming, but not scary. It's ominous and truly a bit unnerving. But it must be faced. It must be.

Honesty is not her best trait, but she slides by like the rest of the passengers of life. Not to cold, not to hot. Just like everybody else, but different. No, not different like everyone else....exactly like everyone else except her name is different.

A pain throbs and burns gently across her upper back. The time has come. Now lightening flickers with brassy yellows in the approaching gray mass. She closes her eyes and dreams of sunshine. But something interrupts those thoughts and chokes her neck. Someone's hands are around her neck. They are cold and firm and stubborn. The panic hits her hands first. She has already surrendered and without a fight.

A shrill of unearthly vibrations comes forth out of her body. It makes the perfect note and in perfect pitch. The hands around her neck release in a panic. She falls to the ground. Stunned looking around, she runs her hands across the cracked desert ground and begins to weep. Not noticing that in the distance, the clouds have retreated and behind her a glorious light approaches.

He came.