Don't you miss the days of elementary school. When you saw the same group of friends day in and day out. The only type of recapping that had to take place was, "What did you do over the weekend?" But even then, we would already know what our friends were doing because we would see them or talk to them over the weekend. And then it's Monday again. We sit in the same class, go to the same recess, have the same teacher, live life. Oh the friendships of that era.

Now I realize, with all my friendships spread across states and continents, I (and others) spend a majority of our relationships "recapping" on life that has happened without the other person present. By the time we have both "recapped" we are exhausted, and that has somehow substituted as quality time. We truly aren't living life together, but simply keeping each other informed out of respect, curiosity, and maybe love.

So how are we defining friendships these days? Definitely not by mere locale, for the internet has given us webcam and other virtual means of communication and a sense of connection.

I think there's still that intangible element that truly connects us and bonds us with people, forever leaving an imprint on our hearts and souls. I also think that some of the fundamental elements holding friendships together, besides history with a person are: a common interest, goal, or direction, as well as passion and joy--simply enjoying being around each other and a sense of freedom. I also believe that the depth of friendship is determined by the history and the direction the two or more people are going in.

And then sometimes God gives us something unexpected, a connection that feels eternal--mutually. And no matter how long we've been apart, we continue on the same page as if we've never missed a beat. That's forever a place of home in our hearts. That is truly a gift. Not all friendships carry that weight, but when they do, it's easily recognized by both parties.

But don't all the friendships in our lives hold such great meaning? We wouldn't be who we are without them. And that inspires me to love.

I personally hope I do less recapping and more frienshipping in the days to come. It seems to be a bit more difficult to do, being a grown up and all. But I refuse to see it as impossibility.