Lovin' Would Be Easy If Your Colors Were Like My Dreams

When true love is presented, it seems as if the notion of sacrifice quickly surfaces. I'm learning more and more that sacrifice is vital for love to flourish.

The world paints a different picture, though. Go get yours and just do you.

But in the end, subscribe to this superficial and self-preserving philosophy, you'll be left by yourself, still wanting, still aching, still knowing that there's something more.

Sacrifice is much like the art of pruning a tree. You cut away branches in order for the tree to produce more fruit, more life.

Yes, the act of sacrifice cost something and is painful, but this art is not only meant for the compassionate elite, but us everyday people. Because in the end, our sacrifice will yield the fruit that our hearts are truly after.

The beauty of sacrifice--becoming the bravest of hearts.
I want a heart that is brave and free,
A heart full of colors to share, beyond my wildest dreams...