Scrabble--The Language of Love

Credit: Kia Photography
      In 2011, I think my first date will revolve around the game, "Scrabble." I know. When you think romance, you think, "Scrabble." I know I do--especially after seeing the last episode of "Parenthood" on NBC.

     Funny thing, though. I've never played a full game of Scrabble in my life. Therefore, I consider this some sort of New Year's Resolution. I'll keep you updated on my Scrabble accomplishments. I know you'll be waiting with great anticipation.

     With that said, I want to continue to share the beautiful oddities of my life with you, but I also wanted to leave you with insights and wisdom that I've learned from the many people who have influenced my life.
     From here on out, at the end of each of my blog posts, I'll feature, what I like to call, "Wisdom's Knocking" an on-going series of wise sayings and/or thoughts inspired by the artists, lovers, pastors, teachers, dance instructors, professors, financial aid advisors, filmmakers, freelance T.V. production folks, businessmen, businesswomen, friends, mamas, grandmas, fathers, grandpas, and the crazy folk you meet randomly on the street or at the DMV.

Wisdom's Knocking...

     Our love is not about the status you bring to me or the places we go. Our love is about the presence of each others' heart, body, mind, spirit, and soul.