Photo Credit: Hannah Cruz

     I feel like many folks out there are a bit emotionally constipated. It comes in degrees. 1--Being emotionally free with a heart fully open, 5--Feeling off emotionally and not able to fully express why, 10--Being "Let's bust out some hardcore emotional Metamucil, you might die of implosion...of the heart."

     For the artist, one tries to tap into the realm of mystery, poetry, painting, photography, songs, or hundreds of other outlets that might  help explain and express what our heart has a hard time articulating to our minds.

     But most of the time it's not a sentiment of love or joy that keeps us emotionally unavailable and emotionally constipated, it's our inability to let go. We have a hard time of letting go of control, of past hurts or offensives. We may smile when we see the person that stabbed us emotionally in the heart, but deep down inseide we've created a cage, with walls, and shackles, so that no one can come into that sacred place of love and trust to hurt us again.

    But this will not only keep us emotional detached from reality but also from the amazing and good things that come to us. We may be so wrapped up in our self-preservation and emotionally constipated fortress that we completey miss the blessing right in front of our eyes.

     If you feel emotionally constipated today, ask yourself why? It most likely has to do with an issue that is unresolved or out of your control. My advice, for the protection and vitality of your heart and emotions: Let it go. It will be resolved. And it will be taken care of. Last I checked, you didn't have the pressure of causing the sun to rise and set. And yet it does.

Wisdom's Knocking:

A key to becoming free from emotional constipation: Let crap go.