Cupid Fail

     Cupid rhymes with Stupid. Just an observation I made while getting ready to write this blog.

     One year, I was feeling particularly confident in my matchmaking abilities and decided to play the role of cupid with two friends of mine. I went all out, I was truly invested in this love story. I felt like they would be a perfect match. I was already preparing my cupid speech for their wedding reception--with appropriate laughs and pauses included.

     The week prior to their blind date, I kept everything a mystery for both of them. I only revealed clues about the other's personality and their favorites (Song, movie, etc.). On top of that, I never told them each other's name. They loved the suspense. And I was enjoying every minute of it.

     These two individuals had never met before and were now going on a blind date per my trusted recommendation.

     Their date was set to take place in a public place and since they had no clue of what the other looked like, or even a name--they would recognize one another by the objects they would be holding (of which I told them ahead of time).

     The night had finally arrived. I had crazy butterflies in my stomach all day.  I wasn't going to intrude on their date, so I had to wait until their date was finished to find out how it went.

     The time had come.

     Late that night, I received 2 text messages almost simultaneously. My two friends had hit it off miraculously! Like crazy good.  Their date had just finished (It had gone on for a few hours) and they had bid each other good night. They both texted me immediately after and almost at the same time. They couldn't wait to see each other again.

     I felt like an angel. I'm pretty sure I heard a choir singing. I did have the thought: "Will my mansion in heaven be bigger than yours, now that I've helped people find true love?" A month later, my two friends were already talking about long term life plans together.

    Fast forward to a few months later, and the relationship crashes and burns. Great pain and heartache were the lasting fruit of their relationship. I felt horrible.

     As badly as I wanted to see love and romance thrive, I couldn't manipulate it to happen. People are wonderfully unique and often messy. We are free to make our choices, and free to constantly change the course of our journey. While love is an open invitation, we cannot be forced to attend. We will always have the luxury of choosing.

     So for now, I have laid down my cupid sceptor (Yes, sceptor. I had considered myself high-ranking at the time). You'll be glad to know, I've also gained a bit more humility when it comes to thinking I know everything about love and romance. And yet, I somehow still hear a choir singing...maybe love is not too far off for either of us now.

      As always, the invitation still stands.  And Love will most likely ask you to RSVP when you least expect it.

Wisdom's Knocking:

You can't plan when you're to fall in love. Just stay prepared with an open heart.