Johnny Depp & I


     First off, I'd like to personally thank everyone who responded to my last blog titled "Magnet".  It was great to hear feedback from you via Facebook or in person. It's also fascinating to me how many people can relate to this mystery of chemistry.

     But alongside this notion of chemistry, you'll find the list of our hopes and desires. Many times you'll hear of the lists that women create for their Ideal Husband. And even though, women may seem a bit psychotic when it comes to the "List", men have their set of hopes and desires as well. They may not write it down on 4 pages of stationary paper, but they are very much of aware of what it is they like when it comes to a lady.

     So can I tell you something? I have the biggest crush on Johnny Depp. Not the Johnny Depp of 2011, but the Johnny Depp of  the classic television show, "21 Jump Street", circa 1988. More accurately, I loved Officer Tom Hanson, the character Johnny played on the show. And just in case you were wondering...Yes, I own 3 seasons of 21 Jump Street on DVD. I'm about to purchase Seasons 4 & 5 this month.

     I'm constantly trying to understand and know what it is that I truly want when it comes to romance. With excitement, friends and family have been asking me for years, what it is that I like and desire in a man. And in the past I have given such detailed answers that it has left people wide-eyed, leading them directly to prayer. Mostly because they felt that it could only occur by a miracle of God.

     My answer these days is much more simple, but my standards are just as high:
     I desire the person made for me.

     I don't simply want to fulfill my own romantic whims and desires anymore. I want to share my life in a new way. I want to share the love that has been birthed in me to a new generation. I want to adventure with the Great loves of my life (God, Family, and Friends). All in all, I hope to make someone very happy.


     And yes, this past week, Johnny Depp actually walked past me in my workplace hallway. No lie. My heart was stirred with curiosity and excitement, but not necessarily with love.

     Nevertheless, there will always be a special place in my heart for Officer Tom Hanson.

Words of Widsom:
Sometimes what you want, is not necessarily what you need.