Photo: Alicia Graf Mack

     Today, I felt this odd pressure to be profound in my daily post. But I find, that when I'm trying to be profound, I fail horribly.

     I had to remember why I'm writing this blog. I'm writing these posts, mostly for my pleasure. It's for the nourishment of my soul. If it nourishes yours in any way, that's simply the icing for me.

     And perhaps, through my random anecdotes and stories, you'll take away something encouraging or at least a laugh. But you'll most definitely get an intimate peek into my heart and character.

     In my search to be profound today, I also realized that any lasting life-changing wisdom that I've given to someone, usually happens on accident. And although I have a hard time planning my profound moments. I found that my humorous slant on life comes in handy. Many times, there's truth wrapped up in a good piece of humor. So a word, to you, my dear readers. If my sense of humor has gone over your head. I apologize. I'm probably too profound for you.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Humility helps you see things more clearly.