Forever Young

     Do you think our culture's obsession with being young, points to an underlying fear of death? I was thinking about this the other day.

     Why, are we so obsessed with looking young and staying young in our culture, especially in Hollywood? But then I think, that if there's a recognition and value placed on aging gracefully, there in that place, inhabits an acceptance of the reality of death. And yes, death is real.

     But no one really wants to tackle and acknowledge such weighty issues, outside the realm of outlandish horror movies and cynicism especially in the land of facades and make believe. We'd rather smooth over such sobering topics and save those topics for those crazy Truth Seekers or save those fearful realities and the questions that they bring, until a later never.

     But nevertheless, your fears find a way to manifest...But I digress.

     Not only does the focus of "being young" distance ourselves from the reality of our lives being like vapor, but being youthful is also equated to a sense of beauty. So somehow, being young is inherent to being beautiful in our culture.

     Although many times the definition of beauty has been narrowly defined as someone who is "young" or "younger looking", that is not always the case of beauty. In fact, Wisdom, gained through age and time, is much harder to come by than your typically celebrated beauty, and has a market value more extravagant than diamonds.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Beauty is as Beauty does.