Throwin' Chairs

     I had this random though tonight about the outlandish episodes I've seen of the Jerry Springer Show, but then my memory was hijacked by another memory: The Richard Bey Show.

     It's because of the Richard Bey Show that I have my first memory of seeing someone actually pick up a chair and throw it at another person. I mean, sure, Maury Povich is the closest we have to a modern day Richard Bey. But Richard Bey was the ultimate instigator. If you don't believe me,  go to YouTube, type in The Richard Bey Show, and see for yourself.

    What have I learned from watching all these memorable classics of American talk shows?

     Don't go on one.

     Chances are, someone will confess something you don't want told to a million viewers and you don't want to lose a good pair of shoes, because you had to throw them at someone's head.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Even instigators receive their recompense in the end...