Turn Around, Look at What You See

     Why, oh, why, do I love the movie, The Neverending Story so much?! I mean, when I hear the theme song, tears begin to gently fall down my face. What is it about this movie that has forever ruined any other kid's movie for me?

     And yes, today, as a grown up, I can still sit and watch this movie and become just as moved as the first time I saw this movie. By the way, do you wanna know when and where I first saw this movie? It was at my Christian school's "E.S." (Extended Supervision for those kids that had parents that couldn't pick them up until after work--around 5PM). Fridays at E.S. were always movie days--which were my favorite days. I was in the 2nd grade and was kept company by a handsome 4th grader. Scandal.  Not really. But he did put his arm around me, when the movie started. Ok, maybe scandal.

     But I can't even remember that kid's name, but I can remember my reaction to the movie, I had never seen anything like it. In fact, my mom came to pick me up at E.S. before the movie was over, and I immediately begged her to rent it on VHS at our corner video store (There was no Blockbuster, kids) that same day.

     And the rest is history.  I fell completely in love with The Neverending Story.

     And before you start trying to think all fancy on me, I am only referring to The Neverending Story, Part 1. Not Part 2, (R.I.P. Jonathan Brandis), and definitely not Part 3--Ugh.

Wisdom's Knocking:
The Neverending Story shows us, that out of tragedy can come an unexpected world of brand new possibilities, but only if you're up for the challenge and the adventure.