Be Careful What You Wish For...

     There are those times when you feel as if you're on a winning streak. Okay. Wait. Pause. Before you read any further, we have to set the mood. Look to the right of this blog. You see my little music player? Click on the song, "Buzzin." This will give you a bit of context as to how a winning streak might feel. And mind you,  I am holding back making other "winning" comments. But if you're hip to current events, you can fill in the blank with your own "winning" comments and scenarios.

     But mostly, I wanted to share, how my heart almost skipped a beat a couple weeks ago. You know when you have a certain song in your head, and you turn the radio on and that particular song starts playing immediately? Or you have a certain person that comes to mind, and all of a sudden they call you out of the blue? Yes, I was winning.

     I had the song scenario, the phone call scenario, and about 5 other things happen all in a row. It was like I was in some sort of cosmic zone, where everything began to align in almost freakish ways.

     Which then made me pay attention to the things that I speak and wish for. They were actually more real than I had thought. And oddly enough, when I got those things that I had previously thought that I wanted, I was either freaked out by their presence or those things were waning in glory, leaving me still wanting...with heavy unresolve.

     So with new precision, I am much more aware of what I wish for...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Be careful what you wish for...You just might get it.