Know When to Fold 'Em

     I find myself constantly pushing to get sometihng done, just to simply mark it as done. Yes, this could be a good thing, but not so much when you have reached the limit of exhaustion and the wise thing to do, would be to stop, rest, regroup, and try to tackle the project in the morning. Plus, rushing to simply mark something as "done", doesn't  mean that it gets "done well".

     Plus, there's no immediate deadline that I'm dealing with at the moment, just the sense of self satisfaction of getting something done. You know, checking something off the list. It feels so good.

     And it's quite the miracle when I get things done. I have equal parts sleepy procrastination, as well as, get-it-done-way-before-the-deadline-rush-mania. Plus throw in the fact that I could go down a variety of rabbit trails of other things to do while on my way to do the thing I set out to do in the first place. It just makes for interesting scenarios.

     All to say, tonight was one of those nights. I'm in preparation for another show that I'll be working this weekend. Tons of information keep streaming in, and I keep trying to find new compartments of my brain (or Excel) to place these facts and figures in.

     But now, it's gotten late, and I'm experiencing hazy vision. So instead of pummeling through, I'm gonna stop. And rest. Yes, as awkward as it feels to me, I'm going to resume this project in the morning.

     I just hope this unfinished business doesn't haunt my dreams.

     Isn't that what unfinished business does in the long run...lingers, bothers us, haunts us. Oh, but that's another blog altogether...Once again, we'll simply let it go, and trust that God has everything under control, especially the things that we do not, and even the things we think we do have under control.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Getting it done. Or getting it done well. You decide.