To the Left or To the Right

     Photo Credit: David Whitlow

     I've written about this before: The ability to make choices and move forward with them. But I realize that I cannot move forward in a decision that my heart is not fully in, or even a choice that may have been made by default. I may expect the best outcome, regardless, but if passion, heart, and authentic curiosity are not somehow a part of the final decision, I'll be heavily tempted to buckle under the pressure of someone else's opinion or much more likely to resent the decision in the end.

     So with that said. I choose not to fall prey to a self-pity standstill, or ask someone to make a decision for me.

     Instead. I'll listen. I'll listen to what God has been whispering to me, and I'll let my heart respond in the way that it has been trying to, all along.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Patience is not a passive standstill, but an active assurance that the best outcome will come to pass.