Virtual Is Not the Same As Actual

     Photo Credit: Denise Valle

    I have this thing.

     I greatly dislike talking on the phone. And yet, I love the use of email and on-line chat when connecting with people. And now, I'm starting to learn why.

     It takes me a while to digest and process words and emotions. I like to soak in them first. I don't like to feel rushed into a response or an answer.

     I'd like to believe that I'm fairly articulate. But I'd also like to credit that to my constant ability to express my emotions through the written word. What I write online is just a small sliver of what I freehand journal on an almost daily basis.

     I journal almost every signifcant emotional and spiritual shift in my life. And with that said, that gives me time to digest how I truly feel about a particular person or event. Plus, hindsight is an amazing mirror.

     So to my friends old and new. Don't feel dismayed because I refuse to spend hours on the phone with you. The phone does afford me inflection and tone when listening to someone, but it robs me of one of my favorite things--eye contact. And while on the phone, I spend half of my time wondering if you are multi-tasking like I am.

     Granted, sometimes I do miss your voice. And will humble myself and just make that call. But just promise me you won't rush our "still moments". Silence doesn't always have to be filled. Even on the phone.

Wisdom's Knocking:

I don't care how advanced technology gets, virtual is not the same as actual.