The Answer

     So most of you know of my current poll on Facebook. To Online Date or Not?..That is the question.

     Well, voting is now closed. I had time to review all of your comments, stories, and insights. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. And a special Thank You, to those that went a step further and sent me incredible feedback via emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages.

     I also had time to sift through some specific matters in my own heart. I had time to really pray and process this step with the Lord. And to be honest, I'm working through a bit of bitterness on my own part.

     There have been a few distinct times in my life, that I felt that I was so close to romance that I could almost smell it. Only to realize later that I was smelling poop.

     And as you know, recently, I thought I was about to embark on my romance season, only to make myself slightly vulnerable, open to the prospects of love and have the man in question completely pull back and find interest elsewhere. It was and is a bit of a bittersweet scenario.

     The last date I went on was in 2001. And that wasn't even really a date, more like a celebrating-a-great-night-in-Italy-with-a-group-of-friends date. Another story for another blog post.

     And the last relationship I was in, was in 2000. Wow, I'm just sharing all my business. Ha.

     I've taken great pains to guard my heart over these last 10 years. I've kept my heart open and ready to receive love. I've kept my expectations and hopes alive. And I also have this dream I can't seem to shake. A dream that I had of a man over 10 years ago.

     With all that said, and the odds seemingly against me, I am not about to give up on true, powerful, and divine romance happening in my life.

    A good friend of mine, Michelle, posted something simple yet profound on my Facebook page in regards to me pursuing online dating. She was in the "No" camp. But she backed it up with a prophetic word. A declaration of hope. This June will be a month of miracles for me. And for some reason, I can't shake that prophetic word.

     So, what's my answer regarding online dating?...

     I'll start in July.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't let defeat become your attitude.