Awe & Wonder Rainbows

     Life is so much more fun with awe and wonder.
Photo Credit: David Whitlow Photography

     I realized today that I love to get excited about the littlest things. It was sort of one of those things ingrained in me from when I was a child. If I broke something, my mother would stay absolutely calm. "They're just things."

     And when I learned to read or picked out my own clothes (Beginning at the age 5, my taste was eclectic to the say the least), she would practically throw a party. But almost always she would smile, or laugh, or dance.

     And now I do the same. Over the littlest things.

     Don't lose your awe and wonder.

     Don't let your awe and wonder become wrapped up in things..."They're just things."

     I guess, I just wanted to encourage you today. I felt like you may have spent some time weeping. But I wanted to let you know that you possess the ingredients of magic, of awe and wonder.

     Don't just recall the "Good ol' days". But know that your best days are truly ahead. And they will be Full of awe and wonder.

Wisdom's Knocking:

After the rain comes the beauty of the rainbow.