It Will Be Magical

     I just rented a costume for my adventures on Saturday. It's been a while since I've played dress up.

     I picked up my outfit from the costume shop that I used to go to while performing in plays during my elementary, junior high, and high school years--"Daisy's Costumes".

     It's an amazing costume shop owned by Daisy and her husband.  Daisy is a lively older Scottish woman who clearly has a passion for make-believe. And her American husband has the perfect amount of wit and passion to match.

     When you step into the shop, you are immediately immersed into a world of Fairies, Princes, Robots, Superheroes, Flappers, Wizards, Cowboys, the sounds of a sewing machine, and other elements of controlled chaos.

     After being fitted for my costume, Daisy did some additional sewing for my costume right on the spot.

     And in parting, Daisy guaranteed that I would have a magical time in my costume this weekend. She's looking forward to hearing my stories on Monday.

     As am I.

Wisdom's Knocking:

A change in routine can open the door to something wonderfully surprising.