That Woman Is Funny


     Had a wonderful night tonight watching "The Voice" on NBC with Ma' Dukes. She had me cracking up during the whole show.

     One thing in particular set me off for the rest of the night.

     One of the contestants/artists mentioned that she had been living in her car while following her dreams of singing music and driving around the country.

     Well, in order for each contestant to sing in front of the "Coaches", they are sent an Invite to the show--like receiving a "Golden Ticket". We as the audience, see a short package of an excited artist receiving their Invite to be on the show. The young lady living in her car was no exception. She talked about receiving her official Invite.

     The first thing Ma' Dukes asks is: "How did they send it to her and surprise her if she was really living in her car?"

Wisdom's Knocking:

Sometimes, you just need to think it through.