I Don't Like Sushi

Photo Credit: Lindsay Coleman

     I will unashamedly tell you this information: No, I do not like sushi.

     It's taken me a while to say that short sentence with such confidence. I mean, living in California, it seems to be the "in" thing to do. You know, to go out with a group of your grown-up friends, talk about the latest iPhone app and recent independent movies over a sweet plate of sushi.  But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. And I felt like I was breaking people's hearts when I told them that I wasn't into sushi.

     How could I truly be an artist and a city dweller without loving sushi? But here I am, some sort of walking contradiction. Wouldn't be the first or the last time.

     Oh, but for the record, I do not count a "California Roll" as real sushi. The facade of a name gives it away. 

     All to say, it is hard to go against the grain, to truly find steady footing in the soil that you've been given, while a steady stream of culture is constantly telling us how to think, speak, and be. And sometimes that culture could just be the group of friends and community that currently surrounds us.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Be a leader, not just a follower.