Loving What You Do, Even When Others Could Care Less

     Photo Credit: Yajaira Reynolds

     Have you spent time doing at least two things that you love this week? Not because it was the "It" thing to do, or because every hipster is talking about it, or because the person you're interested in does it.

     Have you done two things this week that simply make your heart happy?

     It's never too late to reconnect with the uniqueness of who you are. And sure, other people may bask in the same interests, but I can almost guarantee that they are not sharing the same body as you.

     I realized this week, that I had been so focused on what I didn't have that I almost forgot about the things that I do have and love to do.

     And if I love to do these particular things already, I don't have to wait around for someone to validate them as significant and important. They are already important and special to me.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Have the courage to do what you love.