Blur, Blur, Focus.

     I’m in the process of trying to find my gaze. What am I suppose to be focusing on in my life right now? Where should I be exerting the majority of my energy. What makes my heart sing?

     Once before, it was diamond clear as to what I felt my calling was. And with that, it helped this artist to keep her path narrow and focused.

     But as time passed and curve balls came, somehow my heart’s focus got lost in the crowd.

     And with the temperament of an artist, I am inspired by a many art forms, outlets, and expressions, at any given time---Which can be dangerous. I can easily find myself drifting in multiple different paths without the true precision of walking intently and full of passion towards one artistic vocational statement.

     Could it be that following little passions lead to the fulfillment of the big passion?

     At the rate I’m going, one can only hope.

     Do I continue to go through the open doors presented to me, or do I exercise more discretion?

     Do I just take the ball because it was thrown to me, or do I head towards the sunflower fields of my dreams?...Or strawberry fields…Or…perhaps I need to be more intentional about picking and knowing the field of which I want to lay in…..And knowing which particular dream they hold.

     Dear God: Please help your daughter see more clearly… In all things. Amen.

Wisdom’s Knocking:

With God, follow your bliss.