I just wanted to post a random blog post title and see where it might lead me. You know, stream of consciousness writing...And then my mind travelled to the memory of the Borders bookstore that use to live on Ventura Blvd. near my old apartment. And now it's vacant.

     It's amazing how quickly things can change. And how routine can quickly be altered dramatically by just one simple event. Sometimes we are all waiting for something "exciting" to happen in our lives. But we never quite anticipate the disappearance of things in our lives.

     It's a blatant fact that change is the only constant. And that this life is truly fleeting.

     Why am I allowing my whole demeanor to be affected by something that is a passing challenge. Tomorrow will come. And it does have the potential to be better. My mind understands this. My heart is slowly catching up.

Wisdom's Knocking: 

Don't get stuck on the problem, but position yourself for for the solution.