Photographer: Lindsay Coleman

     There are days when you hear a piece of news that realigns all the goals and purposes in your life. Instead of forming them in a straight line, it makes the shape of a heart somehow.

     Today, I had this jolt. It was not news that I hadn't heard before, but somehow, I was able to receive it afresh.

     I was in the midst of a huge crowd of people, and I realized with such certainty that I am Loved. And not just like the sun-is-setting-and-it's-the-end-of-a-romantic-movie-type-of love. No. It was much more fierce than that.

     God is moving in my favor. Pause.

     Because the funny thing is, before I got my answer, I had a specific question in mind. And without hesitation, it was answered in such a way that spoke to my heart and confirmed His kind intentions toward me.


     God is truly the kindest one I know.

Wisdom's Knocking:

There is a love that burns throughout eternity and does not fade. And its banquet table is prepared also for today.