Almost Brought Me to Tears


     So I told you about being called for Jury Duty yesterday.  I had to go back today, and had the privilege of seeing how the jury selection process goes down in a courtroom. Unfortunately, I wasn't 1 of the 12 in the "Box". Nor was I chosen as an Alternate. Yes. I'm kinda bummed about it. But the 10 other folks that were left unchosen, alongside me, basically cheered with relief that they weren't apart of the official jury.

     Needless to say, I have had the most entertaining two days being in the courthouse. In fact, I'm planning on going back in the next month or so to sit in on a couple of cases, just to see how it all fully goes down. Did you know that the general public can sit in on court cases at any time? Minus juvenile cases and certain high profile cases. But for most criminal, civil, or family cases it's fair game. Public Gallery court room seating here I come!

     Another draw for me to go back to my city's courthouse is the particular judge that I saw in action. One of thee most articulate, calm, considerate, focused, and humble folks I've ever seen up close and in person. It was clear to see that he was totally walking in his calling. At one point, as the judge was talking, I almost started tearing up, because I had this overwhelming feeling that this man spoke with such clarity and peace because of the overflow of something much greater than the actions that I was seeing before me.

     And let's just say, with a little bit of Internet stalkery today, my hunch was right. This man is grounded. And he is too legit to quit. Hey, hey.

     So I'm looking forward to more insights regarding human behavior, our justice system, and how certain complicated matters rest on the shoulders of spokespeople called lawyers. I realize that my experience these last couple days may have been quite idyllic, and I'm more than aware, that not all judges are fair, not everyone plays fair, and that an accusation (and even a conviction) is not a complete-and-shut case on character, but merely a doorway to discover it.

     Let the adventures begin.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Justice is meant to be a restorative work.