Does anyone remember the 1992 movie, Boomerang with Eddie Murphy & Halle Berry? It's still one of my favorite movies because of the comedy and the well written thru-line/theme of the movie: "What goes around, comes around".

     I've recently been thinking about this whole subject of consequences and responsibilities. It seems that many of us want to ignore that there are any consequences for our bad actions, but we will readily accept any and all good consequences from the perceived good decisions that we make. 

     There is something about this theme of Justice that is apart of our human DNA. But Justice is not about revenge, it is truly meant to be a restorative force. Therefore consequences in and of themselves work to bring forth a restoration beyond the situation and circumstance of our undoing.

     And granted there is Grace, which most likely saves us from being completely smote-ed in any given situation. But if we didn't have to wrestle and deal with the consequences of our very actions, how then are we truly learning to love, be responsible, and steward the gift of our own lives?

Wisdom's Knocking:

What goes around, comes around.