Today at Court...


     So today I had my first adventures at court. No. It's not what you think. Wait. Maybe it is.

     I was called for Jury Duty. Which by the way is proving to be the highlight of my week.

     Um. Why do people detest this adventure? I mean, I felt like I was about to enter into my new favorite show, "Suits". Seriously, I kept trying not to cheese all day. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't "on set".

     All to say, I only got sworn in today. I can't mention any details about the case, as you know, that would be illegal.

     But what I can tell you is that I learned to never wear a belt to the Courthouse. Ugh. Especially when going through security scanners 4 to 5 times throughout the day.

     The line of the day:

     "You can go ahead of me, I need to take my belt off." By yours truly.

     Just think about that line.

     Now picture me saying that to a young man in his finest thugwear who was already eyeballing my physique before I walked up to the security.

     I mean, did I really say that out loud? Yes I did. Oddly enough, it seemed to catch us both off guard. I'm pretty sure I made a thug blush today.

     And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a day in court official.

Wisdom's Knocking:

When going to the airport and courthouse, leave your belts and hi-top Converse sneakers behind.