You Is Trippin'

     Artwork by: Lindsay Coleman / To Purchase Click Here.

      Sometimes I get my latest news on a friend's life from Facebook. Yes, a bit impersonal and sad, but true.

     A few minutes ago, my heart simply ached for the state of some of these otherwise amazing, sensitive, and perceptive friends of mine.

     How's that life of deception working out for you? And are you still trying to get everyone else to believe that you're perfectly fine. That spotty, cakey foundation can't cover up everything.

     And now you're just bitter. That was your choice. Yes. Somebody did you wrong. They'll get theirs in the end. But look at you, stewing in your bitterness and unforgiveness. The smell is suffocating me as I simply glance at your profile update.

     I mean, are you really happy? How much longer can you run at this speed?... I mean, before you trip?

Wisdom's Knocking:

Deception is a seductive lover that will leave you bankrupt in the end.