Crushing Celebrities

     I thought I had already blogged about this person. But after searching through all my blog topics, I couldn't find nare one on this beautiful human being. That's about to change.

     This actor stole my heart in the 2010 film, "The Social Network". For me it was like he came out of the blue, like a summer storm.

     I'm usually up to date on hidden talent, but he had escaped me somehow. And when I watched "The Social Network", I could sense his gravitas through the screen. His sincerity broke my heart. I could have sworn he was going to be Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Actor this year (To my shock and many others, he wasn't). Subsequently, after watching "The Social Network", I spent an entire night Googling every detail about this person's life I could find.

     And now, he's about to broaden his audience. He's the new face of the Spiderman film franchise, which will make it's debut in 2012. If this new reboot actually succeeds, it will be because of one face in particular.

     Who is the face? And who is my current celebrity crush? With respect to his rumored GF, Emma Stone...It's 28 year old, Andrew Garfield.

Wisdom's Knocking:

There's nothing quite as attractive as sincerity.