She's a Jerk

Photographer: Patrice Patrick

     I get the hint.

     Just had another friend of mine express his heartfelt feelings.

     No. Not those types of feelings, but instead of how I almost broke his heart with my ambitious sarcasm, a few months back.
    Just when I think I'm on the road to recovery, I am gently reminded of my own frailties. Oh sweet humility, how I've missed you. Um. Sort of.

     Funny thing is, I was completely oblivious to my offense. Of course.

     Do I regret some of the things in which I said to him? Here's the kicker...No. 

     Let me explain. I am convinced (Perhaps deceived?) that I spoke truth about certain situations. But the way in which I packaged it was jerky. And I am sorry for my abrasive packaging. I'd like to blame it on my partial New York upbringing, but it would be more accurate to blame it on my own pride and self-preservation.

     His voice matters, and on the same note, so does my voice.  Perhaps we don't see eye to eye on some things. It was bound to happen. And I'm okay with that.

     It was clear that I made him confront and ponder those things that offended him, which was in essence my intention all along. But he also made me confront and ponder many things as well:

#1: Guys are sensitive too. 
#2: I'm a bit more Robin Givens than Anita Baker. (Dangit.)
#3: If you are in a fake dating relationship (Whether in real life or in your head). Just STOP.
#4: Are you friends with someone because of what you can gain or give?

Wisdom's Knocking:

True intentions will always rise to the surface.