Unfinished Business

     Lindsay Coleman

     It feels awful to have a lot of unfinished things floating out there in the atmosphere. At some point, you just want to throw your hands up and say, "Freak it all!"

     I think unfinished business has a lot to do with distractions. Those subtle things that we allow to slowly eat away at our time, our relationships, our finances, etc.

     At some point we have to want to stop the cycle. Key word being, we ourselves have got to actually want to stop the cycle of perpetual unfinished business.

     I've learned a lot about my personality type in the last month. In case your curious I'm a "Wind-Fire". Yes, it means what you think it means. For more clarification: Path Elements Profile

     One of my key attributes involves: "Over-committing time". Yes. I'm going to let you know that upfront. But don't worry, now that I have that knowledge, I'm doing my best to not fall into my usual traps.

     But the knowledge of such weaknesses doesn't necessarily make the journey all that easier. I look around my room tonight, and I still have a Netflix (Or shall I say, Qwikster?--Dumb.) movie that I have not finished watching in over a year. Supposedly I'm waiting for the "Right time". Which still haunts me as unfinished business.

     And there's my screenplay. I'm actually making some solid progress, but it's painful. Unfinished business.

     And then there are those things I wish I would've said in the midst of an abnormal setting and indirect confrontation this past weekend. Unfinished business.

     It seems as though certain things are unraveling. Well indeed they are.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Our need for grace is far greater than we first thought.