Photo Credit: Lindsay Coleman

     I have never in all my life...until last night.

     I had a very long dream of a city being infested with Zombies. I was on the run like a maniac. And my sidekicks kept changing depending on the particular setting I was in within the city.

     See, this is what happens when you watch "Doctor Who" right before you go to bed.

     I never had to see a Zombie full on in my dream.  I think the most exposure I got regarding one of these killer creatures, was some weird groan in addition to seeing a pair of pale white arms, stiffly extended forward.

     There were plenty of close calls in this dream, but I and those that I was trying to help rescue made it out alive. It was definitely one of those dreams that felt incredibly real.

     And I'll tell you this, I did wake up this morning a bit out of breath...

Wisdom's Knocking:

There comes a time when you must face your fears.