Like an Adult

     Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Blosser

     I'm watching an interesting documentary right now, and I'm mostly fascinated with the speech and vocabulary of each character. It got me thinking...When did we start speaking like grown-ups, like true adults?

     I've realized that my vocabulary now includes words like: Dichotomy, Sustainable, Juxtaposed, Commitment, Boo, Sweet Pea, and other Adult Words. And let's be clear, by Adult Words, I'm not including or talking about colorful cussing. We all know that you don't have to be an adult to know and exercise such vocabulary.

     I'm simply talking about that moment we've transitioned from adolescence to adulthood in the way in which we speak to one another.

     And although most of us still feel like awkward teenagers, there's something in our speech that would stress otherwise. But what does it mean to talk like an adult? Perhaps one that speaks from a temperament of patience and wisdom, comfortable in one's own skin, void of pretention, open to critique, and humble at heart. Perhaps this is what our speech is transitioning towards as we include more Adult words. But it may not be the case for everyone.

    Which begs the question: Are we talking more like adults or hurt children?

Wisdom's Knocking:

Adult: "A person who is fully grown or developed".

Credit: Google Dictionary