Remember when I set out to write a blog each day? Yes, it was much like my New Year's Resolution. And then something happened midway through this year, I started writing a screenplay. And now I often feel that most of my brain juice is spent on that particular lovechild. Therefore, when it comes time to chatting with you lovely folks, my mind is a bit fried.

     But I did want to catch you up on some things in my life. I still hope to blog like a maniac in these closing months of the year. But I'm also prepared to forgive myself if I don't fulfill my exact quota.

     To kick my quota into gear, I'm about to treat this blog, much like a "Tumblr" page for the next few weeks. I'll be posting a series of photos and videos that inspire me. I'll continue to add my "Wisdom's Knocking" to the end of each post and I would still love to hear your thoughts and comments if you so desire to share.

     Oh, and what's going on with me? Just my whole life finally coming into alignment with dreams and destiny. No big deal.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Great works of art take love, passion, and time.